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The internet is gripped by a simple lemon video and we are all sorts of confused

In the age of the internet, where we are bombarded with war scenes, corruption scandals and the Kardashians on a 24/7 news cycle, it’s nice to know people out there are still enjoying the simplicities of life.

Last week, writer, photographer and podcaster Mike Sakasegawa posted a video on Twitter that documented a lemon and its journey down a hill.

Watch it for yourself:

The video — shot in under 2 minutes — is of nothing special.

It’s simply a lemon rolling down a hill as Sakasegawa walked home.

But the internet is a funny thing and before this guy knew it, his lemon video had amassed a few more notifications than usual.

People seemed to fall in love with this little lemon and Mike Sakasegawa soon started having to tweet about the lemon’s well being.

He even weighed it for his Twitter followers.

And then, things started getting weirder.

People started watching and sharing the lemon video.

It had garnered 2,000 views in just half a day.

It started snowballing, more people started watching the video and sharing the video and watching the video and sharing the video.

And it has turned into a really delicious tale of how one boring old piece of citrus fruit can interest the masses.

People started sharing stories about lemons.

And then Mike had to mute notifications just to be a normal person on the internet again.

But then celebrities started talking about the lemon video.

And then the lemon video went international.

And then finally, an update on the rolling lemon.

Wasn’t that a sweet tale? If you also feel compelled to follow Mike for constant lemon updates, his Twitter account can be found here.

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