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The end is nigh! High heel Crocs are now a thing

When Trump became President, we didn’t think it could get much worse. But then Crocs came along and laughed in all our faces.

Maybe your next-door neighbour wore them while gardening.

Maybe you wore them as a joke on Halloween.

But these high heel Crocs take the cake.

If there are high heel Crocs out in the world, this only means one thing — that the Crocs company actually want you to wear these beauties, in public.

High heel Crocs have been making the rounds on social media recently because of their pure smug design.

Yes, these Crocs are still made out of flimsy foam and yes, they have two-inch heels.

And yes, people are unfortunately wearing them.

The chunky Cyprus Heel is currently out of stock on the Crocs website but can be found on Amazon for AU$135.

The Cyprus heel stretches to your individual foot size, so no matter how big your feet are, you can always wear high heel Crocs. Phew!

But why stop there? High fashion house Balenciaga has released a platform Crocs design to blow all other Crocs out of the water.

Foam Platform Available online and in stores Photography by @valentinherfray @louiserichard_

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These eyesores are made in Italy or China (depending what site you go to) and are all the rage for “fashion forecasters” on Instagram, costing shoppers $850 (AU$1150) at high-end stores like Saks Fifth Ave.

And yes, they are still made of foam.

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