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These colourful little sticks are the solution to all of your DIY problems

It’s said to be the new kitchen drawer essential.

London-based Chris Lefteri, the author of several books on materials design, has launched an eco-friendly plastic stick that can be hand-moulded to solve any DIY issues around the house or in creative projects.

Called FixIts, the product resembles colourful popsicle sticks that, once dipped into a cup of hot water (62 degrees Celsius, at least), can soften and be shaped into anything and applied onto almost everything.

Even better, the material can be reheated, reused, and remoulded or composted once you’re done with it.

“FixIts takes advantage of the main property of thermoplastics; that they can be heated and shaped repeatedly,” Forrest Radford, one of the company’s partners and Lefteri’s former student, told Lost At E Minor.

“This is a very useful property because it allows you to keep using the material without having to dispose of it, even once you’ve finished using it for a certain application.

“Most plastics aren’t able to be heated and remoulded in a home environment, but FixIts is.

“Many plastics end up having a short life cycle because they’re either designed that way, or because they break and are thrown away.

“FixIts allows consumers to take the latter problem into their own hands and Fix their product instead of throwing it away.

“Not only are FixIts empowering fixing, but they are also compostable and non-toxic; so even if they do eventually reach an end of life cycle they won’t be further damaging the environment.”



According to Radford, Lefteri came up with the concept for the product in 1998.

“His wife and co-founder Alison Lefteri used the material around the house to fix things and they both saw the potential for this to be in everyone’s home.”

Then, after a chance encounter in 2015, Radford and Lefteri quickly set out to create what would eventually become FixIts.

“I worked closely with Chris to thoroughly understand the material and the multiple ways in which we could package it,” he said. “Six months in, we made lots of progress and the working relationship changed as I was brought on as a partner.

“For the next two years, Chris and I worked evenings and weekends to create this product that consumers would instantly understand.

“As designers, we understood how to approach a project like this and we were able to go the extra mile on it. We worked as far as we could with the product all the way up to the final stick design.”



Currently, the product is crowdfunding on Kickstarter, where it has already raised more than US$32,000 (AUS$43,000), overtaking its initial funding goal of US$6,624 (AUS$8,964).

The partners hope that with the funding, they’ll be able to make a brand synonymous with fixing things.

“We are already working on what the next products will be and how we will turn FixIts into THE fixing brand. We want consumers to help us identify gaps that we can create sustainable solutions for; perhaps partnering with companies along the way,” added Radford.

“This is as much about a change in people’s mindsets and the movement of repair as much as it is about the products FixIts will produce.

“FixIts was founded upon empowering consumers to fix their stuff.

“If we can achieve half as much that a company like Ifixit has done for helping consumers repair and prevent things from ending up in a landfill then we’ve done a great job.”



You can learn more about FixIts by checking out their Kickstarter campaign here.

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