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This artist creates entire masterpieces with a single brushstroke

Mastering any form of art is an achievement that has to be admired and respected, but Keisuke Teshima went and nailed down the coolest sounding art of them all.

One-Stroke Dragon.

More than just sounding dope as hell, the ability to paint in One-Stroke Dragon style is so difficult that Teshima is one of only four people in the entire world who can do it.

As for the technique involved, it’s pretty much what it sounds like – the artist creates an entire image of a dragon using a single stroke of their paintbrush.

Known in Japan as “hitofude-ryu“, the art style was created in the Edo period, and sees the artist put the required ink on a sumi brush, then make a single stroke, using varying levels of pressure and a light up-and-down hand movements to create texture such as the dragon’s scales.

Being brutally honest, it’s not all done with a single brushstroke, with details such as the whiskers and the claws being painted on after the fact – but if that stops you from being impressed, there’s something wrong with you.

【雷鳴青龍】 【Thunder blue dragon】 月(夢・目標・志)に向かい、右肩上がりに昇る龍。 稲妻は「五穀豊穣」を表し、実りある繁栄をもたらす。 梵字は「大黒天・大福利益をもたらす」「弁財天・運を開き福を招く」「毘沙門天・邪を払い福徳わ施す」 . pls check our website via my instagram profile👍 #一筆龍 #京都一筆龍 #一筆龍手島 #hitofude #onestrokedragon #onestroke #japantraditional

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According to the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art, where Teshima exhibited his work in 2017, the Japanese artist has “trained in traditional Buddhist art techniques in 2003 and began studying the ‘One-Stroke Dragon’ style in 2011, while working as a craftsman restoring Buddhist altars.

“Honing his skills through daily devotion at the Buddhist monastery in Nikko, Japan, he studied with three masters of the ‘One-Stroke Dragon’ technique.”

Dragons are the sole subject painted in the technique, with the mythical animals said to bring luck to the artwork’s owner.

More specifically, according to the One Stroke Dragon store website, “A Dragon ‘Facing UP’ is proud and symbolises ‘Ambition’, a Dragon ‘Facing DOWN’ is praying and is acting as a ‘Guardian’.”

If you want to get your hands on one of these amazing pieces of art – or you just feel like you could do with a bit more good fortune in your life – the pictures can be bought online, with prices ranging from around $500 to $1000.

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