Featured Image for LA-based gourmet chocolatier has created an avocado toast chocolate bar, and we want to sample it

LA-based gourmet chocolatier has created an avocado toast chocolate bar, and we want to sample it

Avocado toast chocolate. At first, I thought – no. Then I thought – why?

Now, after reading far too many articles on the subject, the desire to sample this rather ridiculous phenomenon is very strong.

Firstly, let’s remember that millennials and fancy foodies (I jest, but I’m wholeheartedly one of them), have been using avocados in desserts for many years now.

Add some of the green superfoods to your sugar and butter bowl and it’s healthy, right?

Secondly, we have been consuming bread in unhealthy forms for an even longer time – french toast, bread-and-butter pudding, and countless pieces of fairy bread from all those childhood birthday parties…to name but a few.

So perhaps avocado toast chocolate isn’t as crazy as it initially sounds?

It certainly looks good.

And Jonathan Graham, head chef at LA-based chocolatier Compartes, would have you believe that it tastes even better.

Talking to Food Insider, the innovative Chef said:

“Most people have never eaten an avocado chocolate bar before, but I dare you to try it because you will be amazed.”

The company produces a range of funky flavours, such as Donuts and Coffee, and the Cereal Bowl chocolate bar.

Graham says that “that’s the thing that we always try to do at Compartes, is sort of gourmet, elevated nostalgia.”

The avocado chocolate bar comes to you in partnership with the California Avocado Commission and consists of well, avocados, white chocolate, and caramelized toast bits.

Of the flavour, Graham comments:

“We had to pair it with white chocolate because Avocado really doesn’t have a super strong flavour.

It’s got that creaminess amazing avocado flavour, but if you put it with milk or dark it would almost get lost, so blending it with white chocolate allowed us to really create an amazing flavour where you could taste the avocado…it’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner”

You should go and buy up quickly as last year they made 5,000 of the same and they all sold out.

While you’re at it, you could buy the rose’ wine chocolate bar as a follow-up?

You can actually create an all-chocolate-brunch with Compartes’ products. Is this a dream?