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Check out this awesome printer that works solely in the medium of sand

There’s a certain charm to a hand-written note that can’t be replicated by a printer. But y’know what’s even better than correspondence that’s been hand-written? A message that’s been sand-written.

More than just a bad pun, that’s actually what Ivan Miranda has done with his sand-drawing robot.

Claiming it “worked beautifully”, Miranda posted the following video of the device’s first run on a beach, where it churned out the note that probably best encapsulates Miranda’s personal ethos – “Make something”.

The sand-drawing robot essentially functions in the same way as your standard desktop printer, with a central unit that makes marks in the sand rolling back and forth on a central bar that hovers over the ‘canvas’ – a gorgeous, sandy beach (presumably in Spain).

The central bar itself moves on a pair of wheels located at either end of it.

Of course, that means that for the robot to be effective, it requires a large length of smooth, unadulterated sand for it to both roll without impediment, as well as make legible marks in the sand that equate to a clear message at the end.

And, as the video itself is an undefinted length of time-lapse, a simple, two-word message clearly takes quite a while to be printed out – so if you’re trapped on a deserted island, trying to get the attention of a plane passing overhead, you’re probably better off just drawing ‘HELP’ in the sand with your hands.

But the purpose of the device is not to save stranded souls – it’s all about art and beauty, like much of the rest of Miranda’s works.

“I love everything 3D printing, and I see digital fabrication as the tool of the future,” Miranda writes on his website, where he also describes himself as “a hyperactive youtuber and creator”.

As for some of his other projects, the Spanish creator has also built his own violin as well as 3D printed a skateboard and even a hovercraft!

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