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This train passenger’s tweet just saved 26 girls from child traffickers

You don’t need a lot to be heroic. Sometimes, all it takes is 280 characters.

A man named Adarsh Shrivastava is being hailed a hero after he saved 26 girls from becoming the victims of human trafficking.

Adarsh was on board a train heading for Uttar Pradesh in northern India last Thursday when he noticed a group of girls, all between the ages of 10 and 14, visibly distraught. Concerned, he tweeted the following to the proper authorities:

Half an hour later, the Ministry of Railways responded by tagging the government’s Indian Railway Protection Force. A few stops later, two plainclothes officers came on board and apprehended two men, aged 22 and 55.

The 26 girls, meanwhile, were taken to social services where they are being reconnected with their families.

The country has praised Adarsh for his actions. One commenter said, “Such response makes me proud to be an Indian.” Another posted, “Thank you action is happening. Thanks for your quick response.”

In 2016 alone, more than 20,000 women and children were trafficked in India, many of whom were transported via the country’s train systems. To combat this, India’s Railway Board launched a campaign last month asking their riders to report any suspicious activity.

Thankfully, one person heeded their message.

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