Featured Image for Life is short, go get this pink coffin float right now

Life is short, go get this pink coffin float right now

It’s the summer accessory everyone is dying to have!

Canadian designer Andrew Greenbaum and colleague Ian Felton have launched a pool float with a macabre twist. Part of their ‘Pom Pom Floats’ project, the product resembles a coffin, albeit in vibrant pink and can blend in perfectly at the beach.

According to Greenbaum, they came up with the idea for it about three years ago when they defined their work in four words: fun, nonchalant, satirical, and strange. Since then, they’ve been working on the coffin float concept until it finally came to life.

“I found someone who could make me a sample recently and pulled the trigger,” said Greenbaum. “Super hilarious project.”

Pink Coffin Float

Pink Coffin Float

If you want one (we know you do), you can find it over on Kickstarter, where the product can be yours for US$120 (AUS$160).

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