Featured Image for Artist brings famous landmarks to life with his “3D postcards”

Artist brings famous landmarks to life with his “3D postcards”

Sick of the same old photos of the same old landmarks?

Well, Italian artist, Pietro Cataudella is offering a fresh new perspective on some of the world’s most famous attractions through his little works of art.

I mean, there’s no doubt that historical icons like the Eiffel Tower are magnificent feats of human ingenuity and objects of great beauty.

But when you’ve seen them via blog, photo or post-card a few hundred times, they do kinda lose their wow-factor.

The Big Ben becomes a big bore.

The London Bridge…yawn-fest.

And don’t get me started on tourist photos of the Leaning Tower of Pisa where it looks like someone’s pushing it over…

So, luckily for us, Pietro is taking photos of monuments like these and mixing it up.

Quite literally.

By combining sketching with photography, Pietro creates “3D postcards” which look like nothing we’ve seen before.


In order to create the images, he sketches the landmark he wants to recreate and then takes a photo. Simple.

“The project is a combination of my passions for drawing, photography and travel. The goal is to show beauty in a different way, using only my skills, creativity and imagination,” Cataudella told the Daily Mail.

He goes on to say, “I never studied illustration, architecture or other related disciplines, my works are the result of hard work, passion and desire to improve myself.”

The talented and passionate fellow has been doing it since 2014 and has created a wide range of pieces going beyond landmarks, and into more surrealist pieces like muffins transforming into corgis and mushrooms morphing into animals such as swans.

He definitely puts a new twist on the familiar, so it’s well worth checking out all his work here.

Via travel+leisure.