Featured Image for Apple are offering free music classes with Florence + The Machine

Apple are offering free music classes with Florence + The Machine

Whether you dig her tunes or not, there’s no denying Florence Welch – the frontwoman of Florence + The Machine – knows her way around a pop song and has arguably the best set of pipes in the industry at the moment.

So if you’re an aspiring muso, or even a grizzled veteran looking to polish your songwriting skills, you could do worse than sign up for a free class being led by Florence herself, at your local Apple store.

No, obviously she’s not going to appear in the flesh at every Apple store in the country, but Florence’s insights and experiences as a songwriter and producer – she’s credited as writing or co-writing and co-producing every song on Florence + The Machine’s latest album, 2018’s High as Hope – will lead the session via video.

Florence is also a multi-instrumentalist, having not only sung, but also played piano, drums, synths and percussion on her latest LP.

Of course, part of the point of these Apple classes is to make the art of making music easier and more intuitive, whether you’re a trained musician or just like to muck around with the music programs and apps on your Apple devices (which is increasingly the case, with Lorde having previously said she writes music on her laptop).

“You don’t have to be a trained musician to make music. Using the creative approach of Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, you’ll discover how to use what’s around you to get your song started,” Apple explain.

“In this lab, taught by our Apple Creatives, you’ll get hands-on with Beat Sequencer, Sampler and Smart Instruments in GarageBand.”

The sessions start on Friday, July 13, and then run most days for the following fortnight, with the last sessions listed as taking place on Friday, July 27.

So yeah, it’s this weekend, and it’s free…

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