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This teen loved NBA2K so much, he was made to play it at his own wake

Even in death, ball is life.

Two weeks ago in New Orleans, 18-year-old Renard Matthews was out walking his dog when he became the victim of a tragic shooting.

According to his mum, Temeka Matthews, the teen was a homebody who loved video games, junk food, and the Boston Celtics. So to honour his memory, the family eschewed a traditional casket and went with something unconventional.

Renard Matthews

At his wake on Sunday, Renard’s body was reclined in a chair while holding a PlayStation 4 controller and wearing a Kyrie Irving jersey with matching socks. A bag of nacho cheese Doritos and a bottle of root beer were placed on the side table next to him.

On the television in front of him ran NBA2K, with a game between The Golden State Warriors and his Celtics on autoplay.

It’s a strange sight to see, but nonetheless, a heartfelt tribute from a grieving family who lost their loved one too soon. Renard’s remains were buried on Tuesday.

This kind of wake is popular in Puerto Rico, where the dead are propped up in chairs, posing as if doing everyday activities. Some recent examples include a cab driver who was positioned in his vehicle still holding the steering wheel, and a man sitting cross-legged with a cigar in-between his fingers.

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