Featured Image for Protestors in the UK have launched a campaign to bring “American Idiot” back to charts during Trump’s visit

Protestors in the UK have launched a campaign to bring “American Idiot” back to charts during Trump’s visit

Protestors have launched a campaign to bring back to the lists Green Day’s anti-establishment hymn from 2004 “American Idiot” during Trump’s visit to the UK.

The campaign, identified with the slogan, “Make American Idiot Great Again”, exhorts people to play the song as many times as possible so it can reach the No. 1 spot in singles in Great Britain.

And so far, the initiative seems to be working.

In a time where the World Cup occupies the minds and souls of the planet – and the British market, in particular, is obsessed with football chants and songs – it’s surprising to see the tune is currently the best-selling single on Amazon UK.

Batman knows the score, he knows that if everyone buys a 99p download of #AmericanIdiot between the 6th-12th July, it will have a very good chance of being the UK's official No.1 single on the very day #Trump arrives here. So be cool…be like Batman, and pass it on #MAIGA

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American Idiot is the title track from Green Day’s seventh studio album of the same name.

Probably the band’s most critically acclaimed work so far, the album was dubbed as a “punk-rock opera” intended to portray the disillusionment with American culture and politics during the Bush administration, 9/11 and the Iraq War.

“This war that’s going on in Iraq [is] basically to build a pipeline and put up a fucking Wal-Mart,” said Green Day frontman Billie Armstrong at the time.

This particular campaign adds up the flurry of protests organized in occasion of Trump’s visit to Great Britain from July 12 to the 14th.

Demonstrations are planned all across the UK, from London to Edinburgh, with two huge marches, the Women’s March and the Stop Trump demonstration organized to roll out in London on the 13th.

More than 50,000 people are expected to show up, including a gigantic baby Trump blimp that will grace the skies of parliament.

The countdown to Trump’s UK arrival continues… spread the word __________________ #trump #trumpmemes #maiga #americanidiot #greenday #trumpvisit #fucktrump @greenday @billiejoearmstrong

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