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Watch: cats at a Japanese cat cafe react to an earthquake

It’s a unique glimpse into how cats react to catastrophes (no pun intended).

Last month, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Osaka in Japan, wreaking havoc across the city. One of those affected by the quake was the CAT Café CATchy in the neighbouring prefecture of Wakayama.

In the video below, we can see the cats chilling inside the establishment when they sense something is amiss. Some of them begin to walk around, while others remain still.

Moments later, the entire place starts to shake. The felines then scramble for safety. Those on the ground run for cover, while those on the tower look like they’re getting ready to jump if needed. Fortunately, the shaking stops, and everyone appears to be fine.

The footage is a good example of how animals can detect seismic activity even before it hits.

According to SoraNews24, many of the felines at CAT Café CATchy are up for adoption. So if you really want to rock their world (pun intended), you can visit the café and give a cat a fur-ever home.

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