Featured Image for On a tight budget? These cities are so inexpensive, rent only costs $100 a month

On a tight budget? These cities are so inexpensive, rent only costs $100 a month

If you find yourself complaining about rental hikes, you might want to take a look at this rent comparison chart and thank god you’re not living in San Francisco (if you are, apologies).

Redditor kylekun513 recently took data from Numbeo’s cost of living index and produced a massive infographic that details just how much we’re paying greedy landlords around the world.

Posting to Reddit about his /r/dataisbeautiful post, he wrote about the method to his madness:

“A few days ago I posted a visualization of rental costs for random pairs of global cities in $50 increments, based on Numbeo’s average rental cost index. Indices are imperfect as a reference for a specific location, but they are a great way to compare locations.

“I’ve been thinking about an interesting way to expand the visualization to include the complete list of cities (approx 550), while retaining what I liked about the original exercise: the unexpected surprises of seeing cities in the same ‘rental bucket’ that you wouldn’t expect to see together, like Granada, Spain & Phuket, Thailand (avg. rent $450) or Akron, Ohio & Taipei, Taiwan ($650), or my favorite, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Seattle, WA ($1950).

“I’m skeptical you could accomplish this with a map, but I’m open to suggestions. I tried to show geographic associations by color-coding continents (for some reason I felt like I should separate out the Middle East as well). I also think it’s really neat to see the distribution… Asia totally dominates the lower tiers, Europe is incredibly diverse, and South America is surprisingly (or not) clustered together.”

Infographic via Reddit

Infographic via Reddit

Infographic via Reddit

Jaipur, Cairo, and Valenzuela in the Philippines were some of the most inexpensive cities around the world to pay rent, while — ouch! — Hong Kong and Bermuda’s capital of Hamilton were upwards of $3,000.

And the most expensive place to live? San Francisco, with an average monthly rent of $3,500. My first car was less than that amount. The highest rent in Australia was, of course, Sydney, with the lowest amount being paid in Hobart and Cairns. Surprising!

So if you’re looking to move out to a new (and more cost-friendly) city, you know where to look.

Gotta see the raw data for yourself? The infographic is on Google docs for all to see, here.

Via Reddit

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