Sacha Baron Cohen’s teaser for ‘the most dangerous show in the history of television’

“Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year…”

This is the catchphrase for the second teaser trailer for the comedian’s new mysterious TV project with Showtime. The network has been teasing the new series for weeks now, using cryptic ads and bombastic taglines.

In one promo, the network describes the upcoming show as more shameless, cold-blooded, and unhinged as anything they’ve released before.

“If you think Frank is Shameless, Dexter is cold-blooded, and Carrie is unhinged. Just wait for July 15.”

The first proper teaser for the project was released on the 4th of July, a 37 second clip in which Sacha Baron Cohen reignites his old feud with ex-reality star Donald Trump.

Back at the 2012 Oscars, the British comedian famously spilled an urn full of ashes on E! Entertainment host Ryan Seacrest during a red carpet interview. Trump heavily criticised the stunt at the time, bashing the Borat actor in various occasions calling him among other things a “moron,” a “third-rate character,” and a “bad guy.”

The first teaser showed an old clip of Trump in an unhinged tirade against Baron Cohen, ending his rant saying “Sacha Baron Cohen, go to school! Learn about being funny.”

The teaser cuts afterwards to a title card that says, “Sacha graduates soon,” followed by the logo of the now-defunct Trump University.

The second teaser released over the weekend is even more cryptic, showing a series of evocative and unrelated images capped off by former US Vice-president Dick Cheney signing a waterboard kit.

While serving as vice-president to George W. Bush, Cheney was known for his stanch support of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques, which included waterboarding.

The controversial technique was discontinued during the Obama administration, but in an interview with Fox News last May, the former vice president argued they should be reinstated.

Showtime has not revealed any specific detail of the new series, and so far the company has just teased it with wild descriptions as “the most dangerous show in the history of television” or using other eye-catching taglines like “Something huge is coming July 15.”

Whatever there is they’re planning, it’s working. The trailers have attracted massive attention on social media, even with celebrities going on Twitter expressing their anticipation for the project.

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