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These are the best things you can find at New York Fancy Food Show 2018

From canned fish salads to quinoa cereal…

The New York Fancy Foods trade show just wrapped up, and our taste buds are in a state of maximum alert ahead of the delightful invasion of new and fabulous products that will hit grocery stores in the following months.

Considered the largest specialty food industry event in the US, not to mention one of the biggest in the world, the annual Summer Fancy Foods trade show was held in New York’s Javits Center from July 30 to July 2.

This year, the show featured exhibitors from 54 countries and hosted more than 2,600 companies that showcased over 200,000 new specialty food products.

If there is a heaven, this is it.

“Specialty food industry sales hit $140.3 billion in 2017 and growth of specialty foods is far outpacing the overall food industry,” said in an official press release Phil Kafarakis, president of the Speciality Foods Association.

The trade show is basically the most unrestrained indulgence of unusual, weird, and fantastic flavours that you can possibly imagine. Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory is a tame amateur affair in comparison.

Mad Moroccan BBQ sauce? Gluten Free Italian Pizzelle? We’re just warming up. These are five products presented at this year’s show that we can’t wait to see in stores.

Midnight Moon

Oh, Jesus Christ just the name of this. Boutique creamery Cypress Grove has put out a cheese that sounds and looks more like a work of art than anything intended to be eaten.

Produced in Europe, ‘Midnight Moon’ is six-month-aged, pale ivory cheese that denotes the graininess of a long-aged cheese. According to the company, “The flavor is nutty and brown-buttery, with prominent caramel notes.”

Now that sounds more like 19th-century poetry than a product description.

There’s no better time to get together with friends and family! The only thing missing? Our brand new Cheese Loves Beer kit! ?? This kit comes with everything you need to host your own cheese and beer pairing party for you and 14 pals (minus the beer). Go to store.cypressgrovecheese.com to order, or click the link in our profile!

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Curry Mustard

Yes, the name spoils it all. New York-based condiment company Brooklyn Delhi has devised the sinful fusion of curry with “earthy notes of cumin and paprika,” adding to the mix some tangy tamarind, and topping it all with some sweet brown sugar, because, why the hell not.

Now I don’t know how my body can take such a thing, but what I do know is that I want it right now.

We are unveiling our new Curry Mustard and Curry Ketchup at the Summer Fancy Food Show @specialtyfoodassociation. Come try them at booth #6146. These two are available now at all @wholefoods locations in the condiments aisle! Design by @gardenhaus

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Sesame Tahini Tea Cookies

San Francisco-based Marlo’s Bakeshop is a family-owned company that specialises in unusual fusions of cookies and classic biscotti. This time they have devised a snack cookie infused by organic tahini, honey, and sea salt. Sure it sounds a bit unorthodox, yet it sounds so, so right.

Our newest cookie is a labor of love and lots of tahini. The result? We might need a support group because these babies are addicting. #wholesomelyindulgent #whatsinyour20

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Balsamic Fig Mostarda Savory Spread

Oh yeah, how about that. ‘Wozz! Kitchen Creations’ is an Australian-born condiment company specialised in innovative artisan specialty foods like dressings, savoury spreads, and finishing vinegar.

For this year, they’ve come up with an insane spread that features “organic Calimyrna figs, raisins and fresh pears simmered in a balsamic reduction with a spicy mustard finish.”

Can you imagine this on some finely roasted pork? Or hell even on a lame piece of toast, this promises to make a sensory experience out of anything. This is like the Woodstock of spreads.

Zócalo Organic Kañiwa Grain

Ok so honestly, I didn’t even know what Kañiwa was until like five minutes ago. It’s supposed to be a grain originary of the Andes mountainous regions similar to quinoa. It has an alleged earthy taste and rich colour, and can be used as a substitute for rice. This is produced by The Culinary Collective, a company that imports high-quality gourmet products from Peru and Spain.

The product won the trade show’s coveted Silver Sofi Award in the category ‘Pasta, Rice, Grain’.

The Culinary Collective

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