Featured Image for Auckland gym under fire for telling customer to ‘eat sh*t c*ck sucker’

Auckland gym under fire for telling customer to ‘eat sh*t c*ck sucker’

Do you even provide good customer service, bro?

In Auckland, a local gym has angered the public after they told a man, who was inquiring about their rates, to “eat shit c*ck sucker.”

The potential client, Jed Misa, sent BTS Gym in Mt Eden a Facebook message, which read: “Hey team, do you guys do trial memberships? I work just down the road and would love to trial out your gym.”

To which the establishment’s management replied: “Hi Jed. We offer a casual rate of $18 for your first visit, with your 2nd visit for free. Please bring a workout towel with you when you come down. Cheers.”

Looking to see the equipment first before forking out $18, Misa wrote back: “Is there any way to just take a look at your facilities rather than commit to working out there? I’m not keen to pay $18 ahead of not seeing the equipment. Feels like a bit of a backward trial process.”

The gym didn’t like Misa’s reply, so they responded with: “You asked about trial memberships initially, not just coming in to take a look at the equipment. You can pop down to the gym anytime to take a look around – that’s free. If you’re not interested in paying for a casual workout then that’s entirely up to you… backwards or not.”

Misa then criticised them, saying: “Nice customer service. No wonder you guys have such a bad rep around here.”

And it was here that BTS Gym totally lost it and told Misa: “Eat s**t c**k sucker.”


A screenshot of the conversation has since gone viral, causing the public to lash out at the business. At first, the gym’s Facebook page was flooded with negative reviews and one-star ratings. But when the owner disabled the comments section and direct message feature on their page, people took to Google to express their views.

“Disgusting customer service after verbally abusing a potential client after enquiring about a trial,” wrote one commenter. “No excuse for the vulgarity, just because someone wants to check out equipment before paying an $18 casual visit fee?”

Another added: “Would rather climb Mount Everest for exercise than go to this gym.”

Ironically on the gym’s Facebook page, the business describes itself as a “unique club atmosphere with a relaxed, safe and friendly environment. There is a great club feel to our gym that you won’t find anywhere else.

“We pride ourselves on being different than the commercial, franchise-type gyms … we take the time to get to know you and remember your name and we will go the extra mile for you.”

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