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Amazing covers of your fave songs using Google autocomplete results

Google’s autocomplete technology is a serious rocks or diamonds proposition.

Every time it saves you from having to finish typing out a really obvious question, you’ll likely have two instances where you’ll accidentally hit “enter” after typing
“how do I” only to end up being sent to a page with a series of links to a LeAnn Rimes song.

(I mean, that’s not the worst outcome though, is it?)

But YouTuber Billy Cobb – who says on his about page, “I like to experiment making rock music” – has taken advantage of these often unexpected results to create a series of wondrous covers of some massive hits.

As for how it ends up sounding? Well, it’s… certainly something.

His first and thus far most popular effort – with over 160,000 views – is using autocomplete to fill out the lyrics to The Killers’ 2003 debut single, the anthemic ‘Mr Brightside’.

The music is on point because, as Cobb writes, “I didn’t make the instrumental, I just used the official. Don’t sue me.”

Cobb himself provides the vocals, but the lyrics are pure Google autocomplete.

A few choice observations that Brandon Flowers and Co. just didn’t have the originality to come up with include:

Coming out of the closet
and I’ve been doing a little boozing

But she’s touching my special area, now
he takes care of the birds, now, let me go

A few months later, Billy was back at it, this time getting Google onto My Chemical Romance’s emo smash ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’.

Again, a few of our fav updates:

When I was your man
My father took 132 minutes to die
To see a movie in Spanish

Because one egg is un oeuf
A phantom menace cast
To join a military branch

Honestly, with The Black Parade being a concept album about someone dying of cancer, the lyric ‘My father took 132 minutes to die’ wouldn’t have been out of place – although the egg in French translation might be a little harder to shoe-horn into that particular album.

After his “version of Mr Brightside using google autocomplete results exploded overnight”, Billy decided to keep the music flowing with a cover of Paramore’s “Misery Business”.

I’m in the business of vegetables, let’s take a selfie
she’s got a face like an oreo, it’s tickle time

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