Featured Image for This region in India is full of churches that look nothing like churches

This region in India is full of churches that look nothing like churches

They don’t build churches like they do in Kerala, India.

In their series, entitled Postcolonial Epiphany, art studio ‘Haubitz + Zoche’ document the extravagantly-ornamented churches commonly found in the region of Kerala in South India.

An extension of the firm’s 2014 work wherein they captured equally-flamboyant movie theatres, the series shows the strange yet fascinating local architectural style brought forth by Western and socialist influences.

Postcolonial Epiphany by ‘Haubitz + Zoche’

Many of these religious structures were built after the country’s independence in 1947, and were largely influenced by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier. Known for their bright colours and striking decor, these places of worship often feature sculptures of bibles and globes, images of glowing stars, and statues of giant candles.

And hey, there’s even one that’s made to look like a boat.

Postcolonial Epiphany by ‘Haubitz + Zoche’

“The architectural style is a testimony of the desire of a nation that had been colonized for a long time by the British Empire to shake off the yoke and create a unique architectural language of their own,” said Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche, who travelled across South India for eight weeks to do the series.

“Haubitz + Zoche allow us with these series to reflect upon the complexity of changes that have come about India in postcolonial times.”

Postcolonial Epiphany is currently on display at Zephyr gallery in Mannheim, Germany. If you’d like to know more about the series, head on over here.

Postcolonial Epiphany by ‘Haubitz + Zoche’

Postcolonial Epiphany by ‘Haubitz + Zoche’

Postcolonial Epiphany by ‘Haubitz + Zoche’

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