Featured Image for This museum in Kyoto has the most hilariously flexible schedule around

This museum in Kyoto has the most hilariously flexible schedule around

This is the work schedule we could only dream of.

In Kyoto, Japan, there’s a quaint tourist destination called the Ukiyoe Small Museum, which is said to be the world’s smallest ukiyo-e museum. But apart from its size, the place is also popular for one other thing: its highly flexible operating hours.

Right outside the front door, there’s an unusual sign that unabashedly says: “Open when I wake up and close when I must go to sleep. When I’ve had enough the store is closed.”

Ukiyoe Small Museum

The sign was first written in Japanese when the museum first opened in the early 2000s. But a few years later, one tourist helped owner and ukiyo-e artist Ichimura Mamoru translate it to English. It has since received great attention, both locally and internationally.

If you’re going to visit, the sign isn’t the only thing worth seeing. Inside, the place houses woodblock prints made by Mamoru, one of the last 50 or so ukiyo-e artists in Japan, as well as his grandfather’s works.

Ukiyo-e dates back to as early as the late 16th century, and traditionally depicts scenes of everyday life. However, with the onset of more modern art forms, the genre faded. The museum is Mamoru’s way of keeping the tradition alive.

Hopefully, with renewed interest in the art form, as well as help from a straightforward sign, it will succeed.

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