Featured Image for Trump claims to be a great writer, so JK Rowling takes him to town

Trump claims to be a great writer, so JK Rowling takes him to town

So, here’s one for you that you probably didn’t know – Donald J. Trump, AKA ‘seriously, that guy’s the leader of the free world?’, has been credited as the author of 19 books!

You’ll notice we’ve used the term “credited as author” because the reality of him actually writing said books is a bit further removed.

You might even say Trump calling himself an author is fake news, seeing as he’s had pretty well all of his published works written for him.

In fact, if you head to the Wikipedia page “Bibliography of Donald Trump”, the table concerning books ‘By Trump’ has a dedicated column to “Ghostwriter(s)”.

For those not exactly sold on the merits of a Wikipedia reference (and hey, you shouldn’t be), New Statesman had this to say about Trump’s back catalogue of written works:

“Each of them is ghosted, a collaborative relationship in which the exact division of labour remains mysterious… It may be that an old joke about David Beckham applies still more firmly to Trump: that he is in the unusual position of having written more books than he has read.”

And to be fair, it’s not uncommon for a guy like Trump to hire someone else to write his books for him – he’s a busy dude and he made his money by having it given to him by his father… Sorry, by being a real estate tycoon, not by writing books.

So there’s really no need to have a go at the guy over his writing ability – until he starts bragging about it, which he recently did on Twitter.

Giving yourself a pat on the back for your ability to write when you probably really just told someone: “Here’s money, write a book and put my name on the cover”, is a good way to end up getting called out.

Especially if you’ve got a typo in your tweet – ‘pour’ instead of ‘pore’ (which he has since fixed, but, as Polly Sigh pointed out, “Screenshots are forever, moron”).

So prolific tweeter and actual best-selling author – as in, one of the best-selling authors of all time – JK Rowling promptly eviscerated the President with a series of savage, if not exactly verbose, tweets:

Rowling’s efforts got her some big love from a fellow best-selling author, EL James.

But then, EL James isn’t really in a position to judge other people’s writing talents either.

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