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You have to be pretty ballsy to carry around this nutty key chain

2 Balls, 2 Furious.

UK-based artist Billy of ‘BillysBallBags’ is selling a one-of-a-kind key chain that promises to give you a balling good time. Unabashedly called the ‘Mini Stress Testicle’, the silicone keychain comes with a stress ball that resembles a pair of testicles.

It comes in two designs. One full of pubes, and one that’s freshly trimmed.



According to its creator Billy, he came up with the ballsy product after realising he wanted dangly testicles for his mate’s stag party. With experience with makeup and with creating prosthetics, it took him only a few attempts to make a sac-ccessful prototype.

“Had so much positive attention and feedback that I have decided to sell this product to other best man or fancy dress lovers out there who want to stand out from the crowd,” he said.

If any of you wankers would like a ‘Mini Stress Testicle’, you can grab (or maybe fondle?) one from Amazon.

Via Design Taxi

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