Featured Image for Labia necklaces are now a thing… and we’ll take two!

Labia necklaces are now a thing… and we’ll take two!

Look away now, Mum. This designer vagina necklace is going to make you feel all sorts of awkward.

Blogger, TV personality and overall teller of TMI Tracy Kiss, has left us all with a sudden onset of PTSD with her latest accessory.

After undergoing the knife to remove excess skin from her labia last year due to years of pain below the belt, the queen of upcycling decided to keep what the surgeon cut out.

And then she turned it into a necklace.

Because that’s what you do these days, folks.

You turn parts of your vagina into a damn necklace.

“I have kept my labia in a jar since my surgery to celebrate my freedom from pain as it took me 29 years to realise that anything was wrong with my tender protruding labia because nobody has ever talked about it”, Kiss explained to the New York Post.

Once her bits turned from pink to grey in the surgical fluid, Tracy dried them out, painted them and sprinkled a bit of glitter over them to make them all pretty and stuff. I guess.

She then made the entire thing into a pendant, added a choker and voila! We have a vagina necklace.

“Its contents may not be immediately obvious to the unsuspecting eye or to everybody’s taste”, Tracy said, “but that’s the beauty of it”.

In the past Tracy Kiss has admitted to drinking semen smoothies every day to combat anaemia and depression.

So, yeah. If you didn’t think the necklace was going too far, then sperm smoothies might be your limit.

I think I’m done with the internet for the day.

Warning: The video below contains somewhat graphic content (ie: labia lips being turned into a glittery necklace).

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