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This anti-Trump lipstick is helping migrant families reunite

Lipslut, an LA-based cosmetics company, is creating stylish beauty products to fight the current US administration, one lipstick at a time.

The brand was founded in the wake of the 2016 US presidential election by a group of self-appointed “jaded romantics,” who describe themselves as “a middle finger to the current socio-political landscape and practices found in the cosmetics industry.”

“I was literally watching Trump’s inauguration and decided I had to take action. I created Lipslut after recognizing my passion for cosmetics could be used as a vehicle to inspire social activism,” founder Katie Stones told Popsugar.

@_sithvicious_ how F*ck Trump was meant to be worn 😘

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So far they’ve released three products, a branded baseball cap that serves as an analog to the US president’s beloved campaign hats, and two very flashy lipsticks.

‘F*ck Hollywood’ is a bold red-carpet-red matte lipstick created to echo the sexual harassment scandals that ignited the Me Too movement. 50 percent of all earnings are destined towards anti-sexual assault organisations.

Last day of our Golden Globes fundraiser. 100% of earnings from F*ck Hollywood go to anti-sexual assault charities. Link in bio ❤️ #GoldenGlobes2018

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Their second lipstick, promoted with the slogan “50% towards charity, 100% against tyranny” is called ‘F*ck Trump‘.

“Selected by popular vote, F*ck Trump matte liquid lipstick is a balanced, mid-tone nude pink” reads the product’s official description.


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Initially, 50 percent of all earnings from the politically incorrect lipstick were intended to go to civil rights organisations targeted by the Trump administration.

But in the face of the heartbreaking stories of babies plucked away from their mums, and agents detaining minors in cages as result from Trump’s zero-tolerance policy against migrant families, Lipslut has decided to direct 100 percent of earnings through July 19 to support families that have been separated at the border.

The company claims its lipsticks are vegan and cruelty-free. Both products come in a 3.25ml presentation. If you’re interested in showing your activist side with style, both sell for US$20 (AUS$27).

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