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Watch: the most intense weather report you will ever see

It’s basically The Weather Channel directed by Michael Bay.

Last week, The Weather Channel (TWC) introduced a new augmented reality feature called Immersive Mixed Reality. In their morning show, they rolled out the technology to show what would happen if a tornado hit the studio.

In the video below, meteorologist Jim Cantore is seen giving a weather report with a tornado making its way towards him. As the funnel gets stronger, a telephone pole and a car fall mere feet away from the man, nearly crushing him to death.

Luckily for Cantore, it’s all computer-generated.

“I watched hours of rehearsals and still flinched when the car dropped from the ceiling,” said Nora Zimmett, senior vice president of content and programming at TWC.

Although tornadoes are destructive and deadly, it’s been hard for meteorologists to show how powerful these natural phenomena are through a TV screen.

That’s why TWC partnered up with Norway-based studio The Future Group to create graphics that will really immerse audiences during their broadcasts.

The Weather Channel

According to Mike Chesterfield, director of weather presentation at TWC, he plans to implement the augmented reality tech in 80 percent of their live programming by 2020.

“We want to transport our audience into the heart of the weather,” he said.

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