Featured Image for MNM’s musical lucky cat statue to perform at Krake in Berlin

MNM’s musical lucky cat statue to perform at Krake in Berlin

It’s a must-see event for crazy cat ladies.

In a project called MNM, artists Mieko Suzuki, Christian Graupner, and Ming Poon, perform using an audio-visual system involving a traditional Maneki-Neko figurine – one of those golden cat statues you always see at sushi restaurants.

The machine is basically a bizarre mix between a cat and a turntable. Whenever its user cranks its golden arm, as well as tinkers with its buttons and other levers, it remixes pre-recorded sounds and visuals, with the latter appearing on a screen behind the setup.

Here’s a video of Suzuki using the contraption to show you what we mean:

Graupner described it as a new form of ‘musique concrete’. He told Lost At E Minor in an email interview:

“The audience can follow the ‘humatic’ re-creation of a unique, always new soundtrack including involuntary surprises and nice accidents […] Suddenly, the weirdest abstract sounds start making sense as we can observe DJ and the video protagonists touching them.”


The group will be taking MNM to the Krake Festival in Berlin to show attendees their new approach to music, which should be interesting, to say the least.

“I’m operating the MNM to present a kind of re-embodiment of electronic music,” said Suzuki, “offering a chance to enter a new level in DJing.”


Finally, when asked why they chose a Maneki-Neko for their interactive project, Graupner said:

“It is POP. It is confusing. It is a ready-made. We introduce well-known stuff in a new context and leave it open to the visitor…to find a totally new interpretation.”

Krake Festival will be held in Berlin from 23-30 July 2018. You can head on over here to learn more.