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Female TV presenter fired after “inappropriate” fashion pick during Ramadan

Kuwaiti TV host, Amai Amal Al Awadhi, was reportedly fired due to pressure from social media users who felt her attire was an inappropriate fashion pick during the sacred month of Ramadan.

29-year-old Al Awadhi Amal was wearing a long white dress with a high medium-cut neckline, while she was presenting a game show on a government-run station earlier in the week.

After the incident, she went on social media saying the sacking occurred DURING the show.

“I heard someone saying, ‘Take Amal Al Awadhi off air now, or I’ll shut down the channel,’” she explained.

The state-owned channel has not confirmed that Amal’s white dress was the exact reason for her firing, but the commotion on Twitter and the rumours revolving the weird episode point out her garment was indeed the cause.

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One youth organisation tweeted, “Because of this costume, the artist # Amal Al Awadhi has been suspended from Kuwait TV. In your opinion: Is it worth the suspension?”

The TV host is a devout Muslim and said she was very careful when picking up her dress and did take precautions because of the holy month of Ramadan.

She said in a Snapchat post, “Because my show was airing during Ramadan, I was extra cautious about not going against any of our traditions, I took care of what I wore and how I spoke.”

The incident has led to mixed reactions online, with opinion pretty much split in half.

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