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Dad draws the most amazing portraits on his kids’ lunch bags every day

San Francisco-based creative director Lynell Jinks not only send his kids to school with packed lunches, he also sends them personalised art.

Last year, the 48-year-old father-of-two created portraits on his 11- and 12-year-olds’ brown paper lunch bags every day for an entire school year. The illustrations usually depict a character from a film or TV series his family has just seen, then includes a memorable quote customised with his kids’ names, Izaac and Zelina.

For instance, Jinks (or Brown Bag Dad, as he’s called) has drawn up characters like Yoda, Thanos, and Pennywise the Clown.

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Jinks started the series five years ago when on his son’s bag for a field trip. “My wife said I should draw his name [Izaac] on the bag,” he said. “I drew Iron Man but instead wrote Izaac Man.”

Since then, it’s become a tradition and a bonding experience for his family. To this day, both Izaac and Zelina have kept all of their brown paper bags.

And it’s not only his children that like his artworks. On Father’s Day, former President Barack Obama gave a shout out to Jinks for a job well done.

“Now this is a pretty cool dad move,” Obama wrote. “Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there like Lynell Jinks, who creates beautiful art on his kids’ lunch bags to remind them to be proud of their own gifts.”

But how did Obama get his hands on Jinks’ paper bag art?

Turns out, the family-of-four saw the official portraits of the 44th president and his wife at the Smithsonian last March. Inspired, Jinks recreated the portraits on paper bags when they got home.

One of Izaac’s teacher’s loved it so much that she asked for both bags. Through a mutual connection, that teacher was able to pass it on to one of Obama’s former secretaries, who passed it on to him.

On Father’s Day, Jinks woke up to find a pleasant surprise on Instagram. “I’m blown away. It’s awesome to have number 44 himself recognize it.”

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You can see more of Jinks’ paper bag art here.

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