Watch this thief steal a Banksy artwork worth $35,000

The craziest part of the story? Some say the thief is Banksy himself!

Last week in Toronto, an unidentified man entered an art exhibit and stole a Banksy print reportedly worth US$35,000 (AUS$47,000).

In a CCTV footage released by police on Thursday, the suspect can be seen cartoonishly walking around the space before disappearing from view and reappearing again with the artwork in hand.

Trolley Hunters by Banksy

But here’s where it gets crazy. Although the authorities are trying to track down the suspect, some believe that the culprit is none other than Banksy himself.

You see, the piece entitled Trolley Hunters was one of 80 original artworks featured in The Art of Banksy exhibit. Aside from being the largest Banksy exhibit ever assembled, it’s also highly unofficial.

Curated by Banksy’s former art dealer, Steve Lazarides, the exhibit charges a US$25 (AUS$33) admission fee. Anyone familiar with the street artist’s work would know his anti-capitalist stance, and that charging a fee to see his graffiti is a big no-no.

So, according to several commenters, it would make sense for Banksy to possibly be a suspect. After all, he has done similar stunts like it before, particularly in 2003 when he walked into the Tate museum in London and put up one of his own works on the wall.

On the part of the exhibitor, they’ve confirmed that the footage is real and not part of a publicity stunt. The show is scheduled to run until 11 July 2018.

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