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This epic clock on Kickstarter lets you have your own personal epoch

If you don’t know how many seconds it’s been since you met the love of your life, perhaps you want to snag the Time Since Launch.

This single-use forever launch clock has almost doubled its goal of US$40,000 (AUS$52,800) on Kickstarter and there’s a good reason why — it’s built to count for 2,738 years!

Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy are the driving force behind art and design company CW&T. Their creation, the Time Since Launch timepiece, allows people to celebrate life milestones by pulling the item’s pin and marking the days, hours, minutes, and seconds that have passed since that special moment.

“So it might seem obvious to you, but people can use this for all different types of things,” Levy says in the team’s Kickstarter video. “Some might launch it on their wedding day. Some might launch it when a baby’s born. Other people might, for example, stop eating meat or quit smoking…”

What makes the timepiece so special — apart from its 40-year battery (yes!) — is that once the pin is pulled, you can’t reverse it. So you’re going to have to think long and hard about triggering that unit.

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Currently, the Time Since Launch project is accepting backers on Kickstarter for the next week, with the unit running for a US$150 (AUS$198) pledge. Better hurry before time runs out! (pun intended).

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