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Watch: Alligator gets revenge by knocking out trapper with a nasty head-butt

As it turns out, it’s not only an alligator’s bite that you should watch out for – its head-butt is equally as dangerous.

Last week, one trapper found that out the hard way after he caught an alligator then caught the thwack of its hard skull, rendering him unconscious.

The following video shows the eight-foot reptile tied up and blindfolded on the pavement of an Orlando neighbourhood, surrounded by the trapper and a couple of police officers. As the group tries to lift the creature onto the back of a pickup truck, it whips its head back and head-butts the trapper.

The force of the impact was so strong that the man’s sunglasses flew off! Fortunately, he later came about and still managed to load the gator on his truck.

Speaking with Live Science, animal motion expert John Hutchinson of the University of London said that, although there’s never been a study on alligator head-butts, it’s not surprising that the animals can deliver such an effective attack.

“Gators have large neck muscles for handling prey, and those muscles have fast-twitch fibers so they can contract quickly,” he said.

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