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Queensland psychiatrist faces corruption probe for controversial book on murder

“I read in your book that my daughter wanted to say goodbye to her son and I didn’t know that until you wrote it.”

Those were the chilling words of Sonia Anderson, the mum of Bianca Girven, who was strangled to death by her boyfriend Rhys Austin in Brisbane in 2010.

Anderson recently crashed former Queensland Health psychiatrist Donald Grant’s book launch and signing, and accused him of making money off of her daughter’s death.

Grant’s book, Killer Instinct, talks about never-before-heard details of the gruesome and highly-publicised murder, as well as other cases he’s handled.

Anderson also criticised him for keeping her daughter’s final words a secret, choosing to reveal everything in the controversial tell-all instead of telling the family.

“That’s private, you should have come to me, you should have contacted me,” Anderson said. “For eight years, I’ve spent a lot of time with journalists, with television, with newspaper articles and magazines and you the psychiatrist are the one and only person that has caused me and my family deliberate distress.”

Anderson added: “I knew she had been strangled to death, I knew it took 10 minutes but I never knew the last words. It’s one of the most amazing, disgusting unethical things that I can imagine.”

Sonia Anderson

In response, Grant has denied any wrongdoings and explained that his book aims to give us a better understanding of murderers.

In a press conference after the incident with Anderson, the doctor vowed to donate some of the proceeds of his book to help the families of the victims.

“I believe families deserve insight into why their loved ones were killed,” he said. “Families of victims should have access to expert reports.”

However, it might be a little too late for Grant to patch things up as he’s already been referred to the state’s corruption watchdog. Queensland Health stated:

“Our view of the ethical appropriateness of this matter hasn’t changed.

“Following a request from Minister for Health Steven Miles, we referred the matter to the Health Ombudsman this morning.

“We have also referred the matter to the CCC (Crime and Corruption Commission) to consider any issues of potential corrupt conduct.”

Sonia Anderson

As the corruption probe gets underway, Anderson is also hoping to have the book pulled from the shelves as it sensationalises Girven’s death.

“No mother should learn about the last words of their daughter — after she was choked to death — through a book, that she wasn’t even consulted about,” she said.

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