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This kindergarten’s lockdown song is the sad reality of America today

The mum of a child soon to enter kindergarten has posted a photo on Twitter as further proof of just how serious the US gun control (or lack of it) situation is.

The image shows a poster that was stuck to the blackboard in one of the classrooms.

On the poster are the lyrics to a song about classroom lockdowns, written in bright colours. To read, the rhythm is eerily upbeat and ends with the strangely cheery line of “Now it’s time to have some fun!” despite the ominous message.

The mum, Georgy Cohen, wrote: “This should not be hanging in my soon-to-be-kindergartener’s classroom.”

The lyrics are as follows:

Lockdown. Lockdown.

Lock the door.

Shut the lights off.

Say no more.

Go behind the desk and hide.

Wait until it’s safe inside.

Lockdown. Lockdown.

It’s all done.

Now it’s time to have some fun!

The tweet has sparked fresh conversation about school safety and the terrible reality of gun violence.

Since posting, the pic has been retweeted 12,000 times and gained 25,000 likes.

One Twitter account made the comment that the song fits the tune of children’s rhymes such as Twinkle Twinkle and the Alaphabet song.

Get a bunch of kids together, swap in these new lyrics and we could have the opening scene of a Margaret Atwood novel-to-film adaptation.

Sadly Cohen confirmed that her child was already learning these drills in pre-kindergarten classes.

In response to the attention, Cohen had a simple request:

The tweet comes in the wake of more than 20 school shootings in 2018 thus far.

So as absurd as it all is, the saddest thing of all is that these precautions are completely justified.

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