Featured Image for Create your own Kanye “Ye” album cover art with the Yenerator

Create your own Kanye “Ye” album cover art with the Yenerator

Kanye West has just dropped his latest album Ye and regardless of whether you’re his harshest critic or his biggest fan, there’s no doubting that the provocative and controversial hip-hop artist has done something very special here.

Hitting headlines for some of his most bizarre comments and behaviour, we’ve seen Kanye under scrutiny more than ever in the past few months, with hints that we may be watching another celebrity spiralling out of control under the magnifying glass of the media.

With the release of Ye, a stripped back 7-track album, Kanye lets his fans and critics delve into the inner workings of his psyche, revealing his darkest thoughts whilst shining some light on his most recent behaviour.

And at first glance of the album art, we are given a clue of what that might be.

A basic image of a mountain range with green writing scribbled “I hate being bi-polar it’s awesome”, was the album art drawn up on his iPhone by Kanye himself as he was travelling to the album listening party.

The album art attracted immediate attention, as this is the first time Kanye has publicly shed light on his mental illness.

With the album art already becoming a meme, Kanye took to Twitter to endorse an app created by artist Yung Jake and developer Tim Bauman, which allows you to re-create the album cover through a meme generator called the ‘Yenerator’, encouraging fans to make their very own statements.

Here are a couple made on ‘Yenerator’ below.

But amongst all of the meme hype, it’s important to note that Kanye’s openness to discussing his mental health issues and his personal experience with bi-polar is a refreshing step forward at destroying the stigma behind mental illness. Encouraging an open discussion is always a win and we hope through more conversation comes better understanding.


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