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These Samurai are saving the world one discarded wrapper at a time

For over a thousand years, Samurai warriors have lived their lives according to the strict ethics and code of the bushido (the way of the warrior).

Trained as officers in military tactics and grand strategies, they did everything from protecting farmers to serving the noble.

And now they pick up rubbish.

Which is pretty damn noble too if you ask me.

Decked out in traditional Japanese outfits and armed with sword-like prongs, the Isse Ichidai Jidaigumi are upholding the Samurai tradition of living ethically… by kicking the crap out of rubbish wherever they go.

There’s less “stabby stabby” and blood with these modern day heroes, but they’re still a force to be reckoned with.

Their motto: “Hate the crime, not the person who has committed it”. Word.

Originally from Hokkaido, the Gomi Hiroi Samurai (Trash-collecting Samurai) also have a Tokyo branch.

Even in a generally clean country like Japan, littering is a big problem, so the trash-collecting samurai have taken it upon themselves to rid the streets of trash and entertain people at the same time with music, dance and martial arts theatrics.

Which is all for a pretty great cause in my opinion.

The Hokkaido branch have even released a CD with a track called “Trash Time”, because hey, a catchy theme song never hurt anyone.

And it’s pretty clear that cool threads and weaponry is a foolproof way to get the kids into picking up rubbish.

So move over Captain Planet, there’s a new force in the battle against pollution. And they’re way more badass.