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Most hardcore Marvel fan ever has seen Infinity War 46 times

That’s the equivalent of spending five days watching just one movie.

Tony Mitchell from North Carolina is a hardcore Marvel fan. So hardcore that he’s seen Avengers: Infinity War 46 times. You read that right. 46 times.

“After the fifth time watching it in three days I thought: ‘I’m just going to keep coming back until it’s on Blu-ray’,” he said.

He’s documenting everything on Twitter, taking a photo of himself before every viewing, and even keeps the tickets as proof.

As for expenses, he uses offers – such as ‘buy four, get one free’ – to save up. However, he also buys snacks, so he estimates that he’ll be spending more than US$1,000 (AUS$1,300) by the time he’s done.

According to Mitchell, it’s the first time he’s seen a movie so many times, which if you crunch the numbers, is the equivalent of spending five consecutive days in the cinema. But he says it’s “time well spent.”

“This latest movie really hit home for me because I’m a huge Thanos fan.”

To reward his efforts, Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have invited him to the premiers of Avengers 4. Although he’s still not sure if he’ll see that 46 times as well.

“It all depends on how good the next movie is.”


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