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In Canada, poop from plane rains down on woman and her son

It was quite literally a shitstorm.

Early last month in Kelowna, British Columbia, a woman contracted pink eye after being pelted with human feces from a passing plane.

Susan Allen and her 21-year-old son Travis were waiting at a traffic light with their sunroof open when shit hit the fan (or them, rather). The airborne excrement covered her car and the other vehicle next to them. Shocked with all that shit on her face, Allen looked up and saw a plane.

“It was in my sunroof, it was all over my seat, it was in my face, and down my shirt,” she said. “It was disgusting.”

The odor was so awful that Travis vomited instantly. They then drove as fast as they can to a carwash to get cleaned up.

After getting a checkup, Allen was diagnosed with pink eye due to, as her doctor’s note read, “being inundated with sewage.” She described her eye as having swelled to the size of a golf ball.

A plane lavatory

Transport Canada is currently investigating her case, as well as another similar incident which happened a few days later.

In an interview with Gizmodo, the government agency said: “The department is collecting and reviewing information regarding recent incidents reported in Kelowna, and Abbottsford, BC. Given this review is ongoing, we are not in a position to provide more details at this time.”

According to Transport Canada, airlines have special facilities at airports to dump their waste. However, there are instances wherein stored biowaste could leak.

In what is known as ‘blue ice’, named after the sewage disinfectant’s colour, the nasty sludge freezes at high altitudes, then when the plane descends, it thaws and falls off.

Unfortunately, Allen and her son just happened to be the unfortunate target of one such turd bombing. She now seeks an apology from authorities, as well as compensation for her troubles.

“I just want everybody to know that although this seems like a surreal type of story, this happened to me and my son,” said Allan. “All we want people to know is that it was quite devastating to be covered in poop and I hope it never happens to anybody else.”

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