Featured Image for The Jeff Buckley biopic is on, with an Oscar winner keen to play the doomed genius

The Jeff Buckley biopic is on, with an Oscar winner keen to play the doomed genius

For years, there has been talk of the brilliant life and tragic death of Jeff Buckley receiving the Hollywood treatment, although it’s never actually made it off the ground.

Mystery White Boy was the latest attempt, with Ridley Scott’s son Jake in the director’s chair and Reeve Carney playing Buckley.

However, after Scott was replaced, the film floundered and was basically never heard from again.

All hope is not lost though, with Buckley’s former manager, Dave Lory – who is currently doing a press tour on the back of May 29 being the 21st anniversary of Buckley’s tragic passing – saying the prospect of a film is still very much in the works.

For those not in the know, the late singer went for a swim in Wolf River Harbor, Memphis, wearing his clothes and boots and drowned

“I have been approached, and there are some people reading the book right now. Movies take a long time, I don’t claim to be an expert at it, but the basis is there,” Lory told Alternative Nation’s ‘Desperate Times: 90’s Music’ podcast.

“The two people who are reading it, I can’t name obviously because they haven’t said yes, but they said, ‘The Jeff Buckley story hasn’t been told, and we’re huge fans.’”

As for who is lining up for the role of the doomed musician, apparently, an Academy Award-winner is keen.

“Jared Leto wanted to play him,” Lory said, before revealing he had heard fellow Oscar winner Christian Bale was eager to play the part of Lory, “which would be a compliment because I’m not that good looking”.

So we’ve got The Joker as Jeff Buckley and Batman as his manager. Awesome.

Of course, a film about Buckley already exists, in the form of 2012’s Greetings from Tim Buckley, which saw Penn Badgley playing Jeff.

However, it was a story confined to a short period of Jeff’s life, before he was famous, so there’s plenty of stories still to explore.

“It’s got the love story, you meet your wife on the road with Jeff Buckley. You get married, you have two kids, there’s tragedy, there’s musical genius. It’s got everything you need,” Lory said.

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