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Have your feet scream fashion by wearing Crocs ‘n’ socks

Socks and sandals are the kind of fashion faux pas which make jeans and joggers look cool. So how can you possibly make that particular footwear eyesore any worse?

How about subbing in Crocs for your choice of sandals?

That’s what New York lifestyle company Alife have done, teaming up with the previously maligned clog company to create a line of uber-expensive, apparently cool kicks for the urban millennial.

The line has three iterations: Art, Sport and Classic.

“The clog is a fashion misfit, which is why I think our collaboration points out that doing something you love is more important than following the latest trends,” Alife Founder and Creative Director, Rob Cristofaro, said.

“Crocs’ iconic clog has made a global impact, not only because of its unique design, but because it serves a functional purpose. At Alife, these are the brands that we strive to work with.”

Functional. Sure, having 3D printed Jibbitz of the New York cityscape – including the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Brooklyn Bridge – spread out across the top of your Crocs is super functional.

That’d be the “Art” Crocs, which come with a price tag of $USD600.

Then there are the “Sport” Crocs, which come with built-in tube socks and are set to sell for $140.

Again, functional, because you should aim to wash your socks after every wear and clearly chucking a pair of Crocs in the washing machine with your jeans and undies is as functional as it gets.

The ‘Classic’ Crocs are the cheapest of the lot, at $80 – and they’d want to be the cheapest, because they don’t even have any sweet features, just the Alife logo across them.

“Our iconic clog is tremendously versatile not only in terms of wearing occasions, but also design. In essence, it’s a blank slate that can fuel the latest conversations or inspire next-level innovations,” said Michelle Poole, Crocs’ senior VP of Global Product and Marketing.

State of disbelief aside, apparently Crocs are making a serious splash, having previously teamed up with Balenciaga, Drew Barrymore, and even getting the seal of approval from the hottest artist on the planet at the moment, Post Malone.

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