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“Men with beards looking upwards”: Twitter’s newest weird trend

Often it’s the mundane that is most capable of seizing the imagination. Case in point: men with beards looking upwards.

This form of facial hair is super, almost boringly normal – a 2015 survey conducted by Braun found that 67% of men in New York City have either a beard or moustache – but for some reason, when you take a bearded man and tilt his head upwards, things get… Kinda weird?

It all seems to have started with ‘Dan’, who posted to Twitter: “Men with beards looking upwards for your viewing pleasure. Don’t say I don’t give you anything”.

Are you seeing the number of retweets and likes that pic has received? That’s insane!

Dan has an impressive 22.7K followers, but those are the kind of social stats that Taylor Swift gets. Bravo Dan!

Also, if Taylor Swift gets in on the act and posts a pic of her with a beard looking up, Dan’s numbers would be blown out of the water. Your move, T-Swizzle.

But more than just give his account a boost, Dan has started a global movement, with just so many people getting in on the act.

And then, because some people are just the best, we started having people embrace their inner Marcel Duchamp and appropriate the posted art to create something even more magical.

Others decided they didn’t need Photoshop to enhance their ‘men with beards looking upwards’ game, instead simply getting out the ol’ Sharpie and making IRL improvements.

Of course, as with any fad that takes the world by storm, there has been an inevitable backlash, with many taking to Twitter to voice their disgust and disdain for hirsute gentlemen looking to the sky.

Jealousy’s ugly, it’s probably fair to guess the haters are part of the 77% of men, discovered in the aforementioned survey, who would grow beards if only they could.

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