Featured Image for You can put your face on Sydney’s Luna Park because why not?

You can put your face on Sydney’s Luna Park because why not?

For over 83 years, the 30-foot wide, grinning face of Luna Park has been creeping kids out. And now you can be that face.

This over-sized selfie on the historic amusement park is part of a Samsung installation at the Vivid Festival of Light, Music and Ideas in Sydney.

Every year, the event lights up the city with an array of awe-inspiring light sculptures, installations and events and this has got to be one of the coolest.

Outside the Sydney Opera House, Samsung have created the Night Reimagined Installation – an enormous two-story, 9-shaped labyrinth, made up of 2km worth of LED strip lighting within a spiralling structure.

In the heart of it, you can turn yourself into an emoji which then gets projected across the harbour onto the face of Luna Park.

The idea behind it is to demonstrate the AR Emoji feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9 phone.

It’s the first time in its 83-year history that the iconic face of the amusement park has had a digital facelift.

So if you’ve only got a mere few hundred followers on social media, you can now share your delightful mug with the whole of Sydney.

The installation will be running up until June 16 if you want your 15 seconds of fame.