Featured Image for IKEA just released their first incredible multi-sensory advertising campaign

IKEA just released their first incredible multi-sensory advertising campaign

The Swedish furniture giant is taking adverts to a whole new level – and it’s dreamy.

Advertising campaigns have been pushing boundaries recently by entering the world of 3D and multi-sensory experience.

And why not? Consumers love to be wooed.

We can’t get enough of it ourselves, LAEM recently wrote about the chocolate-scented bus shelter in London.

Today, we turn our attention to IKEA – master of the all-immersive shopping experience (am I right?).

They have released an advertisement in the United Arab Emirates called the IKEA Somnig (meaning ‘sleepy’).

Designed in collaboration with Memac Ogilvy, world-renowned marketing and advertising giants, the advertisement is featured on the back page of UAE’s Good Magazine.

Or rather, it IS the back page.

Readers can detach the back cover, 3D in itself, and begin the sensory experience by folding out the tabs on the outer side.

This allows the page to stand up and activates white noise – a sound scientifically proven to help you sleep.

On the reverse side is the advert itself – printed with lavender infused ink.

The aroma is widely accepted as sleeps-best-friend and the white noise helps circulate the fragrance while you nod off.

The idea behind the advert is to “create an immersive sleep cocoon” and reflect “exactly what our range of beds and mattresses do – give you a great night’s sleep.”

The advertisement is also chargeable using a USB port, so it will last longer than your scratch-and-sniff perfume pages in your beauty magazines.

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