Featured Image for Nike unveils fanny pack slides, and we oddly want one

Nike unveils fanny pack slides, and we oddly want one

The ugly summer shoe we never asked for – but will get a pair or two anyway.

Nike has announced that they’ll be selling a new line of its Benasse JDI Slides made even better with a fanny pack. The collection, aptly called ‘Fanny Pack’, features a small zippered pouch in lieu of the toe straps. It’s quite functional too, allowing you to store small items – such as cash and keys – inside the bags.

The sandal will come in three summer-ready colourways: black, black/pink, and green/blue.




Oddly, while fanny packs have long been ridiculed, people think these slides are straight up fire.

Not much else is known about the collection, and Nike has yet to announce a price or a release date. Hypebeast, however, has confirmed that these babies will “hit retailers soon.”

What do you think? Are you copping one of these or nah?

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