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Yes, really: Bandai is launching a toy line of weaponized cats

Japanese toy manufacturer has come up with a toy concept that will break the internet: cats armed with heavy weapons.

The idea for it started as an April Fool’s joke, but due to the stunt’s unexpected popularity, Bandai has decided to make it a reality.

The action figure collection, called Nekobusou (which means Armored Cats), features different felines in travel creates, which are connected to various weapons. For instance, one cat has a mini helicopter, while another has a tank with claws.





The company has already released the collectibles in Japan, and will be in other markets by August. A basic figure costs about US$4.50 (AUS$6) while a complex set costs US$12.50 (AUS$16).

You can learn more about Nekobusou here (that’s if you can read Japanese).

Via Boing Boing

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