Featured Image for One of the world’s thinnest wallets also puts an artwork in your pocket

One of the world’s thinnest wallets also puts an artwork in your pocket

New York-based Paperwallet has launched a slim wallet that not only holds cash and credit cards, but also exhibits amazing art.

Called the Micro Wallet, the product perfectly balances form and function by having the works of artists from around the world on the origami-inspired, ultra-slim item.

These include pieces from creatives like Roman Klonek, Marlies Plank, Peim Van Der Sloot, Cristina Dausa, and Yonil, to name a few.

The Micro Wallet

“Collaboration is in our DNA”, said creator Elad Burko, “not only did we want to create our thinnest wallet yet – we wanted to bring in an element of art to inspire people daily, with the collab working to empower the artists behind the creations as well. That’s what we’re all about – now, we’re on a mission to put beautiful art in every pocket.”

It’s also worth mentioning that a percentage of each sale goes directly to the featured artist.

The Micro Wallet

As for function, the wallet was designed to be as thin (and comfy) as possible. Burko elaborated:

“We designed the Micro Wallet with precision to the micro-millimeter with the goal of creating the slimmest and smallest wallet possible, without compromising functionality whatsoever. The wallet starts out as thin as a credit card and as you insert cash and cards it will expand to fit your needs. It’ll only ever be as thick as what’s inside.”

The Micro Wallet can hold up to eight credit cards and is made from Tyvek, an eco-friendly and lightweight material known for its strength, durability, and water-resistance. The product also comes with RFID protection to keep its user’s personal info safe and secure.

The Micro Wallet

The company recently finished another successful Kickstarter campaign, having raised US$344,733 (AUS$456,150) in funding from 10,525 backers.

We recently spoke to Burko to learn more about the Micro Wallet.

Where’d you get the idea for the Micro Wallet? Tell us the ‘lightbulb moment’ behind it.

“The idea came from our customers. Our card wallet was a great seller and many customers gave us insight into how they were using it; letting us know that they were not using it for its original purpose for carrying business cards and a few credit cards, instead they were using it as a minimalist wallet with only cards and cash.

“So we took the hint and redesigned it around the way they were using it. We cut the high wall that was designed for business cards, added a cash compartment and RFID protection.”

The Micro Wallet

How long did it take you to turn the concept into a real product? What was the most challenging part of creating the Micro Wallet?

“It took us three months or product development to get the perfect size. We tested dozens of prototypes that had less than a millimeter of difference in size until we reached a wallet that was as small as possible but had enough wiggle room to expand to hold up to eight cards and cash.

“Once we had the perfect size we started our search for the best and thinnest RFID blocking material available – that took some time, but we found it and engineered a way to get it into the wallet’s walls.”

The Micro Wallet

Your designs were made by leading artists worldwide. Could you tell us a bit more about these artists? And why did you choose them specifically?

“Art and design are what we are all about and we choose our artists based on how much we like their work and if their work fits into the collection that we are curating at the time.

“Our artists are from all over the world, from South Korea to Barcelona and are very different in styles. We like to have an eclectic selection of designs so that our customers can find the one that fits their personal style best.

“All designs are limited edition so when we sell out they’re gone for good.”

The Micro Wallet

You started the project in 2015. What’s changed since then? What has the business taught you so far?

“A lot has changed since then. Our focus is still art and design but we are much more customer oriented. We really learned to listen to our customers and develop around their wants and needs.”

What’s your vision for the Micro Wallet? Where do you see yourselves a few years from now?

“The days of the boring brown/black leather wallet are numbered… we will bring new life to people’s pockets, filling them with art and giving them style. Be it the Micro Wallet or any one of our other Tyvek wallets. Our wallets are slim, comfortable, functional, artist designed, and eco-friendly… It’s time for change.”

The Micro Wallet

To learn more about The Micro Wallet, head on over here.