Featured Image for Meet the Gumshoe: shoes made from our chewed goods

Meet the Gumshoe: shoes made from our chewed goods

Innovative British-based company, Gumdrop, has teamed up with the fashion brand Explicit, and marketing agency IamAmsterdam, to create the Gumshoe – the first shoe ever made from recycled gum.

(Appropriately named).

Gumdrop has been working on finding ways to keep our streets free of dirty gum spots since 2009.

They created the ‘Gumdrop’ – a bright pink collection bowl for our chewed goods. These drop stations can be found attached to various poles all around the UK.

Once a gumdrop is full, the contents are recycled and processed and turned into a whole number of different products – the Gumshoe being the latest and greatest.

IamAmsterdam has been concerned by the level of gum litter for some time now. Marijn Bosman, Amsterdam sustainability city councillor, says:

“Like any other big city, Amsterdam has a gum litter problem. It’s the second most common litter after cigarettes.”

Around 3.3 million pounds of used gum ends up on Netherland’s otherwise pristine streets each year. Not only is it an eyesore, and costs the government millions of euros to clean up, but its biodegradability is between 20-25 years.

Joining forces with Gumdrop means they can use their specialised Gum-Tec recycling process, which breaks down the synthetic rubber in the gum base.

This is then turned into granules that are easily manipulated to create new shapes.

They then use these rubber granules to create the soles of the Gumshoe – the mould features an abstract map of Amsterdam and smells faintly of gum.

At the very least, this, combined with the fact that your shoe is made from CHEWED GUM, would be a great conversation starter.

To improve sustainability, Gumshoe is also looking at ways to recycle and replace the worn-out soles of customer’s shoes.

The perks just keep on coming.

The Gumshoe will be available in June for 49.95 EUR. They come in black and pink and are definitely a trend you’ll want to be leading.

Pre-order now (and dispose of your gum responsibly please-and-thanks).

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