Featured Image for Look: these unique bookends contain Tokyo’s iconic alleys

Look: these unique bookends contain Tokyo’s iconic alleys

Japanese artist Monde’s new series proves that books aren’t the only ones that can take you to faraway places. Bookends can too.

The Tokyo-based creative recently unveiled a collection of bookends that contain the Japanese capital’s intricate back alleys. From either side, the items look pretty ordinary. However, their centers reveal miniature models of Tokyo’s winding paths, complete with potted plants, windows, tiles, A/C units, and piping.

Crafted by hand, the three bookend designs show Tokyo’s complex beauty while adding a touch of whimsy to everyday life.



Monde presented the bookends at the recently-concluded Design Fiesta, an arts and crafts event where amateur and professional artists exhibit their works. If you’re interested in buying one of the bookends, you can reach Monde on Twitter.

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