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Hotel Clerk in Virginia fired after a huge racist rant at a customer

Last Friday, an unnamed clerk was recorded throwing an angry tirade of racial expletives at a customer from behind the reception desk of a Virginia Hotel.

After the video went viral over the weekend the employee was fired on Monday.

The incident happened at the Country Inn & Suites by Radisson in the coastal city of Newport News in Virginia.

The customer, Irby Fogleman, claims his room was ridden by an intolerable odour of smoke.

Fogleman and his family arrived to the hotel on Friday evening to hang out with his mother, who was visiting from West Virginia in occasion of Fogleman’s son’s second birthday on Saturday.

When they arrived at the hotel room, the family entourage noticed an insufferable smell of smoke which was unexplainable, as Fogleman’s mother has never smoked in her entire life.

The family didn’t want the two small children to be exposed to the nasty smell, so Kelsey Cunningham, Fogleman’s girlfriend went to the lobby to ask for another room.

According to their account, the clerk was confrontational from the very start,

“He mentioned that the hotel was basically a joke, that he didn’t have what he needed to get his job done,” said Cunningham, speaking to the Washington Post.

“You could tell his frustration and anger was really building up. He did mention he’d only worked there for only three weeks.”

Cunningham was told that the only other available room had no air conditioner.

Disappointed, Fogleman went to the lobby to talk to a supervisor and that is when things really started to become heated.

At first, the clerk told him there was no one else he could talk to, so Fogleman took a business card from the front desk and sat down at a nearby chair to send an email to the manager.

As Fogleman typed away on his phone, another customer came to the reception to complain about the absence of TV in his room.

Both customers looked at each other in mutual dissatisfaction at which Fogleman shrugged his shoulders to say, “See?”.

The clerk took offence at the gesture and angrily prompted Fogleman and his family to get out of the hotel.

An instant later, Fogleman began recording.

Lisa Little, the hotel’s general manager, said the employee was fired on Monday.

The clip shows the clerk screaming “get off my property”, arguing and ultimately, calling Fogleman  a “monkey”.

Fogleman says he left the hotel with his family shortly after the incident.

“I want to apologize for the inappropriate behaviour and comments of one of our employees… As a result of this incident we will also be re-training every employee this week on our code-of-conduct policies to help ensure something like this never happens again,” said manager Lisa Little in a statement.

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