Featured Image for The Argentine Football Association issued a manual on how to seduce Russian women during the World Cup

The Argentine Football Association issued a manual on how to seduce Russian women during the World Cup

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) is giving a curse to prepare journalists, managers and players for The World Cup.

The unusual guide includes basic Russian phrases, a general overview of the country’s culture and of course, a 101 on how to seduce Russian women.

Argentine Football officials handed the manual to the journalists, players and managers who attended their preparatory course, a prelude to this summer’s much anticipated World Cup.

Sports journalist Ignacio Catullo skimmed through the booklet and spotted the eye-popping chapter “What to do to have a chance with a Russian girl”.

The journalist couldn’t help himself and proceeded to tweet a pic of the insightful guide, which quickly became the target of savage mockery and outrage on the internet.

An Argentine official noticed the tweet was going viral and hastily proceeded to collect all the booklets mid-conference to tear out the controversial chapter.

“Russian women hate boring guys” says the booklet in one of the paragraphs.

“If you don’t have any topics to chat, or if you’re just mumbling all the time on what to say next, it probably will send the message that you’re not enjoying the moment and that there’s an obvious disconnect.”

Another incredibly useful tip reads, “Make sure you’re clean, smell good and dress well.”

Adding, “Because Russian women are beautiful many men only want to sleep with them … the advice is to treat the woman in front of you as if she is someone of value.”

It turns out, all those nuggets of precious knowledge were copied from a blog called “Love means in Russian, an approach to interpersonal relationships with residents of the extinct Soviet Union”

The author of the cringe-worthy manual, Russian language professor Eduardo Pennisi responded to the outrage.

“Russian girls are very special, everything is thoroughly explained in the manual.”

Pennisi acknowledged he took the tips from the internet, citing he thought the information was “interesting”, adding he thought the advice was “very innocent and candid”

At the end of the now-scrapped chapter, the guide even went on to give a wise word of consolation and self-esteem boost to those who failed to get lucky.

“Of course, you’ll find material girls that only pay attention to things like money or your looks. You name it. Fret not, there are plenty of beautiful women in Russia, and not all of them are the right for you. Be selective.”

Amid the scandal and mockery, AFA apologised for the controversial booklet and responded in a statement.

“The Department of Education of the Argentina Football Association announces that after an internal investigation carried out with respect to what happened yesterday during a course on Russian language and culture, we have concluded that part of the material given was erroneously printed.

“Having notified the personnel of the department, we proceeded to have it immediately removed. We lament that such a mistake has overshadowed what was important on the date.

“We express our most sincere apologies to those that were affected by the publication which in no way reflects the thinking of the Argentina Football Association, nor of its president Claudio Tapia or any of its executives.”

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