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Someone shaved Mario’s moustache and OHMYGOD MY EYES!

Mamma mia!

Nintendo’s legendary mascot Mario has many trademarks, but few are more iconic than his thick, glorious moustache. Sure, he’s an animated character, but Mario’s sporting a true piece of facial-hair beauty.

So when someone posted an image of Mario completely bald (like, nothing on his head or upper lip), people were visibly concerned. Nay, horrified!


One of the better responses was to restore Mario’s hair, but in a variety of crappily-drawn-on styles.

Some pointed out certain other lookalikes:

And then there were the responses that just cut straight to the chase.

Perhaps understandably, an earlier post showing a bald Sonic didn’t get quite the same response, because it’s just the usual blue character painted vanilla.

It’s actually the second time the Mario family has been in the news of late. In March, Luigi made all the papers back after he received his own image update.

Following the release of Mario Tennis Aces, just way too many people took to the internet to point out the fact Luigi was packing some heat in his shorts.

Whew! Looks like someone’s been taking too many Power-Up Mushrooms!

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